Participating Co-ops and Groups!

2017 International Homeschool Spirit Week Co-op and Group Participant List

Families will be looking to participate with other local families to celebrate 2017 International Homeschool Spirit Week. And, we want to help homeschooling families connect with each other. If you have a coop or group participating, sign up. We’ll list your group on our website so families in your area can connect with you.

Looking to see if homeschool families in your area are participating?

Scan our list of participating co-ops and groups. They are listed by state. We’re just starting to add co-ops and groups now. Be sure to check back in August when the list for groups is longer.

Want information for your co-op or group? Sign up for our list below and we’ll email you as soon as our information packet for groups is available.

2016  International Homeschool Spirit Week Co-op and Homeschool Group Participant List

NC Homeschool Adventures, North Carolina

Find out more about this group at:

NC Homeschool-ology, North Carolina

Find out more about this group at: