Homeschool Spirit on those “Sick Days”

It’s 1 week until 2013 International Homeschool Spirit Week begins!

We’re so excited and hope you got encouragement and ideas from our first ever Homeschool Spirit Week Carnival.

Our bloggers had great ideas for celebrating Homeschool Spirit Week!

This week we’re going to be running a post each day. Each post will be different but it will touch some way on our HSSW 2013 theme days. And the common thread will be things we all deal with as a homeschool community.


Our Sponsor for September 23rd-Pajama Day

HSSW 2013 will kick off with on Monday, September 23rd with Pajama Day
Thanks for sponsoring this day!

Next week we’ll be wearing our Pajama’s for fun. But what happens when mom needs a pajama day because she’s sick? Let’s face it sick days happen. But, as a homeschool mom it’s hard to really get sick day. I mean, the kids are still home. Let’s face it, keeping them happy and occupied means mom gets more recovery time.

You can keep the spirit in your home happy and healthy even when you’re feeling sick. Here are a few ideas.

Homeschool Spirit on Sick Days

1. Call a Read What You Want, Where You Want Day

Let the kids grab a book or a stack of books for younger kids they want to read. It can be a book they’ve been dying to read or ones they love to read over and over again. Let them pick a fun, cozy spot in the house and set up their own reading spot for the day. Let them decided how they’ll dress for their special Comfy, Cozy Reading Day. You can even let them have pre-approved snacks in their spots making sure to select snacks that won’t make a mess and ones they can easily make and clean up themselves.

2. Catch up on Your Crafts Day

This is a great day for kids who are old enough to get out, create and clean up their own craft supplies. It’s a great way to give the kids time to make crafts they’ve been wanting to make on their own. You’ll want to give kids an area in which to work and any guidelines needed so mom really is hands off for this crafting event. But, it’s a great way for kids to get in a day of creative fun and learn about completing  a project start to finish (including clean-up)!

3. Independence Day

Homeschooling is all about moving our kids towards independence. Give them the opportunity to show you what they can do on their own for the day. It’s can be a math fact sheet or it a history assignment. Whatever the subject or assignment, encourage them to work independently for the day.

4. Game Day

How many times do you pick up a great educational game only to find it at the end of the year still sitting in the original packaging? It often takes effort to make time for games even though we know many games have great educational value. You can take the focus off mom not feeling well when you call a Game Day. Be careful! The kids might have so much fun, they’ll secretly hope mom gets sick often.

5. ______ is our Helper Day

As homeschool moms we really want to do it all. But, we can’t! Especially when we’re sick. If you find yourself down with something lasting a week or longer, don’t be afraid to call in family members or friends to help. They’ll love spending time with your kids and your kids can enjoy learning what that family member or friend can share. Can a grandparent help? The kids would love doing crafts with grandma or hearing about what it was like when grandpa was a young boy. Can a friend assist? I bet your kids could learn some fun cooking skills as they helped her prepare for dinner or maybe help her with her young baby. The ideas here are endless!

Have ideas to keep the Homeschool Spirit in your home high even when mom is sick? Please feel free to share them by commenting below. Or, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ by using the links in the sidebar.

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