Crazy Hair Day and Contest hosted by Hip Homeschool Moms


If you add together all of the years that those of us on the Hip Homeschool Moms team have been homeschooling…well, that would be a whole lot of years! Several of us have been homeschooling for close to 20 years, and others just a few years. One thing we’ve all experienced, though, is taking ourselves and our homeschools way too seriously! I know that I find myself doing that far too often!

For some reason, many of us think that education must be a serious matter. It’s very true that it’s important for our children to learn. That much is true. But education can also be fun! It’s ok, in fact it’s helpful, if our children learn things in a fun way. By doing fun activities, singing songs, and playing games, we help our children learn and remember what they’ve learned. I still remember the “Herb the Verb” song that I learned in 3rd grade! I also learned songs about adjectives and adverbs that year. And guess what? I still remember all 3 songs. In fact, I sing them to my kids every year when we study English grammar. Ok, my kids pretend that they’re embarrassed by my singing, but they secretly love it!

This week while we’re celebrating Homeschool Spirit Week, maybe you can try out a new and less serious approach to teaching and learning. Why not practice multiplication tables while jumping rope or throwing a ball back and forth? If you miss the ball, you have to say all of the 9’s by heart! You could practice handwriting by telling silly stories and writing them down. Don’t forget to make some fun (and silly) videos of the kiddos reading the stories! Those will be fun to show to their first dates later on!

My kiddos and I like to do our school work while snuggling with our cats or our puppy. We like to take our work outside on nice days. We sometimes snuggle in bed when one of us is feeling yucky. Now and then I’ll declare an eat-ice-cream-while-we-do-school day. Now that’s the way to do school!

We’ve answered practice questions while jumping on the trampoline. We’ve written very long and silly sentences with all 10 spelling words in a single sentence. We’ve jumped rope while answering practice questions for a test. (Ok, my kiddos jumped rope while I asked the questions.) We’ve done all kinds of things to keep it fun and interesting. And it helps! It helps keep my children interested in what they’re doing, and it helps them learn and remember what they’ve learned.

HHMCrazyHairThose of us on the Hip Homeschool Moms team decided to take ourselves less seriously by trying out some crazy hair styles! We can’t be too serious while sporting one of these, right? If you’d like to join in the fun, try out your own crazy hair style! And remember to have some fun while you’re teaching and learning!

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