Pajama Monday Contest Hosted by CurrClick


Happy Pajama Monday, everybody! Hope you are either changing out of last night’s PJ’s into a pair that you’ve selected for today, or you’re just going to stay in last night’s all day! Be sure and take lots of pictures  and if you feel like it, participate in CurrClick‘s contest details below.

CurrClick, The leading supplier of pdf curriculum and live online ala carte classes, is Sponsoring Pajama Monday During International Homeschool Spirit Week. Enter their Photo Contest & You Could Win!

On Monday, September 23rd, visit CurrClick’s Facebook wall and share your photos. There are 5 chances to win! Here are the 5 categories:

1. Best Pajamas out in public photo

2. Cutest kid/kids in pajamas photo

3. Best dressed pet in pajamas photo

4. Funniest pajama photo

5. Craziest pajama photo

CurrClick will choose one winner from each category and announce the winners on Tuesday morning via Facebook.


1. Do not post your pictures until Monday CST. Photos posted on Tuesday CST will not be considered.

2. You may enter one photograph into however many categories you like but you can only win once.

3. We encourage you to use Instagram if you so choose. But either way, please tag your photos with #HSSW-public, #HSSW-cutest, #HSSW-pet, #HSSW-funniest, or #HSSW-craziest, so that we will know what cateogory your photo applies to.

4. Please tag @International Homeschool Spirit Week in all your Facebook posts.

5. Your photos must be posted on the CurrClick Facebook Page.

6. Winners will receive a $50 gift certirficate within 1 week of being notified.

7. 1 winner will be chosen for each category.

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