Imagine if every homeschool family volunteered the same day

It’s 4 days until 2013 International Homeschool Spirit Week begins!

We’re so excited and hope you got encouragement and ideas from our first ever Homeschool Spirit Week Carnival.

Our bloggers had great ideas for celebrating Homeschool Spirit Week!

This week we’re running a post each day. Each post will be different but it will touch some way on our HSSW 2013 theme days. And the common thread will be things we all deal with as a homeschool community.

Our Sponsor for Thursday, Sept. 26th- Volunteer Outside Your Home Day

Our Sponsor for Thursday, Sept. 26th- Volunteer Outside Your Home Day

On Thursday, September 26th join us here at HSSW 2013 as we celebrate Volunteer Outside Your Home Day

Thanks Great Homeschool Conventions for Sponsoring this day!

As homeschool moms we’re giving of our time in many ways. We want to encourage our kids to do this as well. It’s fun to see our kids get excited about a cause or project because they connect with it. One child might love volunteering for projects that get them outside. While another child might love assisting with a reading program at the library. There are most likely lots of organizations in your neighborhood that would love to have help. Decide if a consistent volunteer job is best for your family/child? Or, if selecting volunteer opportunities on a job by job basis is a better fit.

volunteerNeed ideas?

  1. Call your local Nature Center
  2. Call your local library to see what volunteer opportunities they have available.
  3. Call your local community theater to see if they need help. Often they need people to help with sets or costumes.
  4. Call retirement communities in your local area.
  5. Call your local pet shelter.

You can find more ideas at This site lets you search by zip code and interest. They also have icons which will let you know if a volunteer opportunity is appropriate for kids and teens.

Teens can check out the Volunteer section of for information and opportunities as well.


Do you have ideas for volunteering with kids or teens? Maybe it’s things your family has done in the past or opportunities you’re adding to your schedule this year. Feel free to share them in the comments below. Or, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ by using the links in the sidebar.

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