Crazy Hair Day

It’s 5 days until 2013 International Homeschool Spirit Week begins!

We’re so excited and hope you got encouragement and ideas from our first ever Homeschool Spirit Week Carnival.

Our bloggers had great ideas for celebrating Homeschool Spirit Week!

This week we’re running a post each day. Each post will be different but it will touch some way on our HSSW 2013 theme days. And the common thread will be things we all deal with as a homeschool community.

Our Sponsor for Sept. 25th-Crazy Hair Day

Our Sponsor for Sept. 25th-Crazy Hair Day

On Wednesday, September 25th join us here at HSSW 2013 as we celebrate Crazy Hair Day

Thanks Hip Homeschool Moms for Sponsoring this day!

Homeschoolers are such a fun and create group. We can’t wait to see all the great ideas you have for Crazy Hair Day!

Our kids always love Crazy Hair Day. There is something great about being able to go out in public with the most outrageous hairstyle all with a good excuse.

Are your kids doubting that others really do leave their home?

Check out Homeschool or Bust. She had a big group celebrating Crazy Hair Day for Vacation Bible School on year.

Have a blog post with photos from a past Crazy Hair Day? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Or, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ by using the links in the sidebar.

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