Homeschooling at the Nature Center

 It’s 6 days until 2013 International Homeschool Spirit Week begins!

We’re so excited and hope you got encouragement and ideas from our first ever Homeschool Spirit Week Carnival.

Our bloggers had great ideas for celebrating Homeschool Spirit Week!

This week we’re running a post each day. Each post will be different but it will touch some way on our HSSW 2013 theme days. And the common thread will be things we all deal with as a homeschool community.

Our Sponsor for September 24th-Homeschool Away from Home Day

Our Sponsor for September 24th-Homeschool Away from Home Day

On Tuesday, September 24th join us here at HSSW 2013 as we celebrate Homeschool Away from Home Day

Thanks for Sponsoring this day!

I’m excited to see all the place you love to “homeschool” away from home.

Speaking of homeschooling away from home…

NatureCenterWhen my kids were younger I remember placing this great pressure on myself to find interesting and fun places to visit. I used the mantra “The World is our Classroom.” I really wanted my kids to have memories of interesting lessons combined with field trips which I was certain they would always remember. Time passes and the kids get older. This past year my son, now 17, was reflecting on his homeschool memories. The field trips that stand out the most to him were our outings to our local Nature Center. That’s right, a place we visited often and required virtually no planning on my part. Oh, I should mention, it was free!

We learned so many things about science and nature. All this learning was driven by the kids. Most nature centers have a visitor’s center. Ours was an incredible resource offering books and lots of fun, hands on items for the kids to explore. We could take short walks in the winter and spend hours inside exploring the animal bones, games, books and other resources. The times we were there during feeding hours were extra special because the staff members always let the kids help. It was always fun to meet family members or friends for hikes. Sometimes, we would hike a short distance because the kids wanted to draw things they saw along the way. Other times we would hike long trails spotting tons of wildlife along the way. We’ve seen baby deer on our walks, their mamas never far away. On one hike we realized we didn’t know the trails as well as we thought. We learned even after years of hiking, it’s still wise to bring a map. Today we still love to hike knowing wherever the trail leads, there is always something new to see and explore.

So where’s your favorite place to Homeschool Away from Home? Please feel free to share them by commenting below. Or, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ by using the links in the sidebar.

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